Store: Prints With few exceptions, all images on this site are available as modern archival inkjet prints (sometimes pretentiously called “giclée”), using Epson K3 pigment inks and Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk baryta coated paper.

  8 x 10 - $50   11 x 14 - $100  16 x 20 - $300

Please contact me if you're interested.

Store: Books
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Your least expensive option is to order books directly from me. Each book is $30. Subtract $6 for two books, subtract $12 for three books, subtract $20 for four and subtract $30 for all five. Add California tax, if applicable, $2.50 per book. Add shipping, $5 per order (not per book).

Sorry, I don't accept credit cards, but the online stores below do. For payment, please send a check to:

   Michael Rosen
   POB 425221
   San Francisco, CA 94142

... or make a PayPal payment to my account:


Store: Books
(your most convenient option) sells these books, and accepts credit-card payments.

Lust & Romance ISBN 086719460X
Sexual Art ISBN 0936705035
Sexual Magic ISBN 0936705698
Sexual Portraits ISBN 0936705884 sells Vanilla Sex by credit card.