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The last weekend of April, 2017, I participated in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival , a large group show of erotic art in Seattle. This year was the fifteenth anniversary. Here I am with my photographs in the show. The color quartet is my entry as one of the SEAF Masters of Erotic Art. (In fact, I'm one of the initial "Founding" Masters.) The two grayscale pictures were selected by the SEAF jury. I also had twenty small prints in the store section of the Festival. I had a good time chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. And I made some sales from the store.

My good friend, mentor and confidante, Charles Gatewood, died April 28, 2016, after a fall from his balcony. He was also a SEAF Founding Master of Erotic Art. Here I am at the show with his work. He's in my photograph at the center of the below image.



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