Here are some links to sites I think you'll enjoy.

The world of radical sex:
Stormy Leather Distinctive, high-quality leather clothing and toys
Fantasy Makers Adult Fetish and Fantasy Play in a Discreet, Caring Place
Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts: a skilled domina teaches safe, loving erotic bondage and kinky fantasy play to couples and singles
Art of Love Erotic art, photography and related digital media
CSC The Center for Sex & Culture
Erotic Photographers whose work I enjoy (alphabetically):
Mark I. Chester  
Phyllis Christopher  
Jim Duvall  
Charles Gatewood  
R.C. Hörsch  
Eric Kroll  
Craig Morey  
Barbara Nitke  
Michele Serchuk
Jordy Jones SF's Photography and Culture Examiner
Stare A friend, fellow artist and erstwhile ne'er-do-well
Urge The Ultimate Resource Guide to Exploration
Fakir Musafar The father of the Modern Primitive movement
A. D. Coleman The preeminent photography critic of our time
Darklady A CalExotics certified Sexpert